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Checking In for Mental Health Month

Hey friends! It's Mental Health Month, and I'm wondering how you are.

As the end of the year for school aged kids approaches, and "real" life (rather than the highlight-reel life) demands more -- I am feeling... well, mostly exhausted!

Cool people and cool projects give me energy. The sun, and fun times with my kiddos too. (Though one is next to me sick today, so maybe not so "energy-giving" at this moment).

While I haven't posted much lately on this blog, I've been busy writing still! In case you missed them, see the linked articles below for some thoughts I've shared recently(ish) in partnership with some really cool organizations (and humans!).

I hope you're doing well and let me know how I can help!

On Learning & Leading with L3 Catalyst Group

It is in the moments when we hear the things that challenge us most that we have an opportunity to examine what we can learn about ourselves and the humans around us. A great leader, then, can suspend their ego to demonstrate curiosity and learn from the things.... Read more

On Practice Over Perfection with AG Collaborative

If I had a magic wand, I would take away the commitment we have to avoid mistakes at all costs.

It makes sense that mistakes make us feel yucky and horrible. The brain activates pain centers for ego pain similar to actual physical pain. We are all familiar with that “oh shit” reaction that happens and makes us want to crawl into a hole..... Read more

On Designing Feedback for Impact with Failure Lab Training

Have you ever met someone proud of their direct nature?  A person who specifically celebrated that they were “brutally honest?” Let’s say it clearly, “if your feedback or honesty is brutal - you’re not doing it right.” .... Read more

On Spring Cleaning Your Stress Management with Failure Lab Training

Recently, I was spring cleaning my house. “Tasmanian Devil” style, as I like to call it - because there is a certain frenetic energy to it. It looks something like this - I pick up clutter in the family room, bring it to the bathroom, start picking up the bathroom, and then bring a glass to the kitchen, start the dishes, realize the kitchen towels need replacing, and end up in the basement. Start the laundry... Read more

Wishing you good health & cleansing breaths,


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