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Welcome! I'm Courtney Simmons. The founder behind Inclusive Insight Group. Thanks for stopping by!

I believe the best DEI work is not showing up with answers and solutions first.

Instead, we do our best work through:

  • prioritizing empathy

  • seeking to understand current conditions

  • co-creating and collaborating on solutions for human-centered needs

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I do this in partnership with you, my clients, and with other colleagues and practitioners in DEI and the community. 

Welcome to Inclusive Insight Group : My insights; informed and influenced by a whole host of brilliant humans, curiosity, and passion. 

DEI work is challenging, and corporate spaces efforts toward diversity, equity and inclusion have historically failed to apply an equity lens. Let's avoid reducing people to counts. Make bold change that can truly create a culture of inclusion. I bring an emphasis on equity, real talk and commitment to seeking solutions to broaden perspective. 


My passion was born as a student when I studied the Psychology of Social Inequality on a study abroad. It was there I refined my understanding of equity, inequity, stratification of society and began understanding the vast differences in human experiences. Bringing that along to my first corporate job, I learned quickly the ways that organizations tell us implicitly and explicitly that we don't belong. This is where I developed a desire to be part of creating change that enabled inclusion, belonging, authenticity. My passion to drive for the kind of change that shifted away from organizations telling their employees how to be, and instead sought insight and solutions from the vast variance in employee perspective and experience. 

To simplify all of this: Consulting isn't new to me. I've been sharing perspective and pressing for inclusion for over a decade working in corporate and non-profit spaces. My experience includes:

  • multigenerational family-held distribution 

  • Fortune500 manufacturing 

  • craft brewing

  • multi-national employers

  • coworker counts ranging from ~1000 to more than 12000 

  • countless opportunities to consult on DEI projects, business and non-profit strategies as a volunteer


I've been consulting my whole career, and now I'm excited to offer these experiences to you, if you're ready to do the work. Full time. Let's get started today.


I'd love to hear more about your story. 

Let's connect.


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Viv Rhodes / Owner / Vivian Works

I highly recommend Courtney Simmons for any work that requires a deep understanding and expertise in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Courtney's knowledge of systemic inequalities, cultural competence, and intersectionality enabled her to help us develop and implement key messaging that fostered inclusivity. Courtney is a passionate advocate for underrepresented groups, and her exceptional communication skills, empathy, and collaborative approach make her an outstanding DEI specialist.
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