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It can be hard to define and organize diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

Leaders' plates are full, demanding lightning quick decisions.

Individuals cannot do their best work if they don't feel cared for and included.

Our deep corporate DEI experience can help you better listen to your people, apply a broader perspective of experience to your policies, and improve your practices and culture.

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Founder Courtney Simmons : picture of smiling woman leaning on right arm in white chair  with med tan skin, dark and grey curly chin lenght hair and bright pink blazer over blue jumpsuit


I am a truth teller.

I value listening.

I believe DEI work is "everyone work".

We often lose people we're seeking to serve in our DEI efforts, reducing the work to only metrics and measurables.


In contrast, I bring a refreshing blend of curiosity, candor and vulnerability to everything I do. Everyday.

Do you seek to better care for others?

Do you seek to foster high-performing teams?

We can help you start or level up your practice.

Leverage our insights and professional experience to help you accomplish your goals.
We'd love to work with you!


I'm eager to continue sharing insight with you.

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